Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A nod to the dead...

A wee piece of poetry in praise of the delicious darkness of All Hallows' Eve...

A nod to the dead
That trod before us

A toast to the ghosts
That pass through our lives

A dance with the devil
That tempts us to tango

A wink at the witches
That bewitch us with spells

A howl with the hounds
That serenade the moon

A scamper with skeletons
That rattle our bones

A dalliance with demons
That wrestle our souls

A fling with the foul things
That darken our doors

A jest with the djinns
That conjure up dreams

A fooling with ghouls
That play on our fears

A sport with the spooks
That dare us and scare us

A romp with the monsters
That stomp through our stories...

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