Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The White Stag

A self-penned song inspired by the colours of autumn, a white stag seen roaming Dorset recently and a plucky girl I know called Annie...

Annie went walking out one day
Where she was going - none could say
The rain did fall and the wind did blow
But it didn’t bother Annie as off she did go.

She walked for a mile and she walked for more
‘Til her legs were tired and her feet were sore
She came to a forest both deep and old
Where the leaves there were turning green to gold.

Underneath the canopy of trees she did tread
Her boots were brown and her clothes all red
She came to a glade with light all around
There she saw a white stag - sleeping on the ground.

Annie crept closer to the deer
She stroked his head and whispered in his ear
The stag then he sturted, and away he ran
With Annie chasing after; as fast as she can.

The path was steep and the way was narrow
The white stag was flying as fast as an arrow
Annie she followed but Annie she fell
She twisted her leg and hit her head as well.

She slept through the day and all through the night
Into her dreams a young man came, all dressed in white
He kissed her and he held her in his arms
And said: “Annie, will  you ride with me? You won’t come to harm.”

Through the green and golden forest those two did ride
The white stag beneath and the red girl astride
They rode ‘til they came to the edge of the trees
And now Annie’s crying as she watches him leave.

Annie went walking out one day
Where she went - she never would say
The rain did fall and the wind did blow
But it didn’t bother Annie where she did go. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Wild Hunt

The thunder of hooves
The lightening crack of a whip
The baying breath of dogs
Misting the autumn air

The haunting sound of hunting horn
The inciting scent of unseen prey
The flash of wild, white eyes
The straining of unbridled steeds

Pulled by the moon’s momentum
Swirling in vertices of velocity
Drumming the taught earth
Then piercing the night sky…

The broken branch
The indented earth
Flying leaves and scattered seeds
Fleeing feet and clattering wings
Racing heartbeats slowly receding

Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumn tuning

Outside it's wild and wet
And windswept
Brown leaves blown
In clusters of blusters
Whilst the moist, mouldering earth
Slowly sucks back
Springtime promises
And summer profligacy.

Indoors it's dark in the daytime
As I withdraw within, mulling:
Underneath the mush of this year's leaves
Next year's seeds are already sown.