Thursday, 24 September 2015

Auguries of Autumn


Beech leaves: copper-coloured
Sycamore leaves: black-spotted; curling edges
Ash keys: hundreds; hanging heavy
Elder leaves: yellow - limp and lifeless
Elderberries: glistening - dark and luxurious
Blackberries: finger-staining
Spindle berries: shocking (pink)
Sloes: gin
Apples (in the orchard): wind-fallen
Apples (in the shops): English
Hazelnuts: rattling in their shells
Haws: full-blooded red
Conkers: strung
Swallow: solitary
Swifts: gone
Grasses: gone to seed
Ivy: flowering
Mushrooms: mushrooming
Cobwebs: visible in morning moisture
September: sunny
Evenings: chilly
Fields: empty; stubble-strewn
River: swelling

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